Pottery village at Aruvakkode

Aruvacode- Land Of Potters & Pottery Works, A small village located near the region of Nilambur, is Aruvacode, which is very popular for its work related to pottery. The village is known as traditional pottery village where about a hundred families are engaged in making pots and clay objects.

The traditional artisan community called Kumbham, was also formed here to explore the possibilities of pottery. Kumbham products are very popular in the region of Kerala.

When steel pots became widely accepted, clay pot sales declined thus threatening the livelihood of people of the village. K B Jinan, an activist cum designer intervened. He initiated Kumbham handicraft project which became a creative inspiration for the skilled artisans.

People at Aruvakkode became innovative at transforming clay to a wide range of useful products. From their imagination, murals to mirror frames were born out of clay.

The pottery village is one of the rare examples where an isolated community of traditional producers has succeeded against the onslaught of globalisation.

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