Nilambur Attractions

What to see and where to go? - Nilambur Travel Guide.

Nilambur Tourism

As an ecotourism destination, Nilambur is a blessing of nature, manifested in a wide variety of forests, geographical areas and many tourist attractions. It offers great natural and wildlife experiences.

It is renowned for the oldest teak plantation in the world. The place is also noted for its tribal settlements, the world's first Teak Museum, vast rainforests, waterfalls and ancient kovilakom - residences of maharajas.

Conolly's Plot, just 2 km from town. The oldest teak tree, Kannimari, is a rare attraction at the Conolly Plot. The plot extends across 2.31 hectares beside the Chaliyar river at Aruvakode, where a country boat ferries visitors across.

World's first Teak Museum, Arranged in the two storeyed building are exhibits, articles and details of historic, aesthetic and scientific value, which give information on all aspects of the teak to visitors.

Nedumkayam, just 18 km from Nilambur town, is noted for its rich rain forests.

Kakadamboil is a great place for those who want to see a beautiful landscape within a short distance. Its climate is very good almost every season and in summer it does not exceed 30C.

Nilambur town is also famous for a cluster of kovilakoms the residences of the local rajas or rulers of earlier days. These structures, are famous for their beautiful frescoes and artworks in wood. The Nilambur Pattu an ancient festival which is noted for its Kalampattu or ritual powder drawing on floor falls in the month of February.

You can cover all the tourist attractions in Nilambur a couple of days.

Devoting a few days here may depend on your sightseeing intentions, travel plans in other parts of Kerala, the climate etc.

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