Teak Museum

Four kilometres away from the town, on the Nilambur - Gudalur roadside stands the world's first Teak Museum. In the Teak Museum, a visitor can have a first hand information on all aspects of teak. Established by the Kerala Forest Research Institute in collaboration with the Kerala Forest Department, it is thematic museum housing historical, cultural and aesthetic and scientific aspects of teak, all under one roof, arranged in the two storied building.

The museum consists of paintings of some of the oldest teak trees in the region; and the entrance door of the museum is also made of teak wood. The oldest teak tree in the region, is named as Kannimara. One of the most important features of the museum is the root system of a mature teak tree, which is also very popular among visitors. Visitors will also find small replicas and miniatures of ships and small boats, made of wood. Within the museums, logs of 116 year old trees are also kept in proper condition. The Teak Museum also consists of a library where literature related to teak wood is available.

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