Valamthode Waterfalls

Located in the midst of a tribal settlement, Valamthode Falls is a place of beauty and refreshment. The waterfall can be accessed via the Arikot-Mukkam road which is 27 km from Nilambur in front of the Salyar River. The water is clean and the place is not crowded. A must-visit place if you are around.

The enduring waterfalls here attracts hundreds of people to this hilltop destination. The terrain is suited for trekking. Another attraction of the place is that it is home to one of the most primal tribes of Kerala, the Chola Naikas.

Beyond Chaliyar river, 27 Km from Nilambur, is Valamthode, a hilltop where a perennial waterfall attracts people. This too is a tribal settlement. Road accessibility is through Kozhikode district by Areekode-Mukkam Road.

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